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                • Winsun-Guangzhou Opera House
                • Winsun-Hainan Internaition Expo Center
                • Winsun-Beijing Galaxy SOHO
                • Winsun-Phoenix International Media Center
                Crazy?Magic?Stone? Profile

                Crazy Magic Stone (Chinese name: Ying Heng Shi) is an artificial stone WinSun self-develops, and it is produced by four continuous printer on a flow production line. Inorganic, slimness, high strength and large size are its most distinguished characteristics. Crazy Magic Stone is such ;a decorative panel that is extracted from natural stone, and vividly reflects the texture of natural stone, but which overall performanceis superior to natural stone. It can be applied in external and internal walls, floors and roof.

                Features and performance

                Features: Crazy Magic Stone (CMS) uses special modified cement as base material, and enhanced glass fiber, environmentally

                friendly as additives. CMS can be mass produced by production line with science technology. It can be applied to cover the interior and exterior of floors, walls, and roof.

                Applications: Nowadays CMS is widely accepted, and incorporated in over 100 large projects


                Diversity: Rich in color and surface texture

                Thin: The thinnest 6mm light weight

                High-strength: Five to ten times than natural stone

                Big size: 1200*2400 (6-30mm)

                Nature: No radiation and no pollution

                Environmental: No stone mining is necessary to protect the earth's resources

                Integral 3D Architecture Printing Technology