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                CN EN
                • Winsun-Guangzhou Opera House
                • Winsun-Hainan Internaition Expo Center
                • Winsun-Beijing Galaxy SOHO
                • Winsun-Phoenix International Media Center
                SRC Profile

                SRC ( Special Reinforced Concrete) is developed by Winsun for the building personalization, which is customized product. SRC is applied to various heterosexual decoration construction of internal and external building. It makes the building no longer limited to material and riches the form of construction.

                Features and performance

                Features:fiber techniques, high strength,3D print, easy to implement complex designs, exclusive raw materials, high strength, high durability;

                Applications: Nowadays it is widely incorporated in over 100 large projects


                Competitive advantages: The first in China to develop SRC, and overcomes the shortcomings of GRG; over 30 inventions and applications of this patent winsun was the first t0 3D print with this material, the first to use fiber techniques in its infrastructure, first to develop such high quality raw materials

                Integral 3D Construction Printing Technology