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                CN EN
                • Winsun-Guangzhou Opera House
                • Winsun-Hainan Internaition Expo Center
                • Winsun-Beijing Galaxy SOHO
                • Winsun-Phoenix International Media Center
                GRG Profile

                GRG, special glass fiber reinforced gypsum, is mainly applied in the internal decoration of grand theatre, stadium, conference hall, commercial complex, high-end club, hotel, sales office.

                Features and performance

                Features: fiber techniques, high strength; thinnest: 2mm, light weight, low cost, easy to install, decorative effect, fireproof, non-crack, radiation proof;

                Applications : Applied in 400 0pera and other large scale projects, 95% adoption rate in grand opera Construction projects in China


                Competitive advantages: First to use industrial wastes like desulfurized gypsum and citric acid gypsum to for raw materials. First to realize fully automatic and continuous production.

                Integral 3D Construction Printing Technology